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  • Remember, NO tax if you order a surfboard and its shipped out of the state of Florida!
  • Longboard House always ships using the most efficient, reliable and cost effective methods. We work with USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, and have various air-freight options. The shipping address and the weight of your order will determine the option we use. Either way, we will find the best way to get it to you. All items are sent with insurance and we typically get items that are in stock shipped within 24 hours.
  • Minimum Shipping Rate: There is a $6 minimum shipping rate (USPS Priority mail) for individual items like shirts, DVDs, hats, rash guards, sandals, and other small items. We also have international and express shipping rates. These rates are dependent on the weight and size of your order, as well as your location. For international and express rates, please call 1-800-844-6211, or e-mail us at .
  • We use various freight companies to ship surfboards, including UPS and fedex for boards under 7'. We typically use Pilot Air Freight for the majority of our board deliveries. We have found over the years that Pilot provides the best service at the best price. We insure each surfboard, and Pilot knows our business,  the value of your surfboard and treats them accordingly.
  • To track your surfboards goto the following Pilot Freight services website, and enter your tracking # in the orange box on the home page.

  • See below for recent shipping rates for various size boards to different destinations across the globe. These are actual quotes for boards that we have shipped. Many variables can change rates on a daily basis, including fuel costs, airport vs. door to door delivery, surfboard length and weight,  distance to  final destination from major airport, etc... Your quote could be lower or higher than the below quotes. These should just be used as a baseline.
  • 9'0" to Beaumont, CA - $ 120
  • 10'0" SUP to Dubai Airport - $ 483
  • 9'0"  to Manahawkin, NJ (door to door $151)(airport pickup $ 90)
  • 10' to Miami ($85. business delivery)
  • 10' to Barcelona,Spain  (door to door $560)
  • 9'0" to San Diego, CA ( airport pickup $101)
  • 6'4" to Honolulu (airport pickup  $ 210)
  • 9'0" to Tarpon Springs, FL ( door to door $ 98)
  • 7'0" to Berlin, Germany (airport pickup $283)
  • 9'0" to St. Croix, Virgin Islands ( airport pickup $ 347)
  • RETURNS: If there are any problems with your order please Call (1-800-844-6211) or e-mail us at We will gladly make arrangements for a return authorization.